Apr 3, 2016

Bohol Eats | Enjoy Traditional Boholano Favorites at Jojie's Pa-Initang Bol-Anon

One of the best ways to learn about a place is to eat its local food. If you want to experience the gastronomic culture of Bohol, Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon (also called Pa-Initan by locals) is the place to go! This shop is popular among Boholanos and tourists for its yummy food and beverages, all of which reflect the rich and diverse food culture of the region. 

No trip to Bohol would ever be complete without a visit to Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon. Here are some of the things you can do while there!

Taste traditional Filipino meals

Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon started out as a coffee and refreshments shop that specializes in kakanin (rice cakes) and traditional Filipino drinks. Presently their menu has expanded to include traditional Filipino meals. We had a very filling breakfast at Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon on our last day of the Seas the Day Bohol Tour. We enjoyed hearty helpings of kusahus na baboy (pork) and baka (beef), chinorizo and fried tulingan (a popular fish in the island). 

Savor a slice of cassava cake

The cassava cake at Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon is to die for. I’ve brought boxes of their cassava cake to share with family and friends on several occasions and all of them have fallen in love with it! I’m not kidding when I say it’s arguably the best cassava cake in the country! 

Enjoy a cup of sikwate 

The beverages at Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon are also a must-try! Sikwate is the Filipino equivalent of hot chocolate. A rich, hot drink made from tablea (pure local cacao beans), sikwate is a delicious drink for cold, rainy days. It’s also a good match for the café’s many native treats like biko and cassava cake. 

Bring home pasalubong

Don’t forget to bring home the goodies of Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon to share with your loved ones! Many of their specialty rice cakes (like cassava, biko, sapin-sapin) are available in boxes, perfect for pasalubong! The boxes are priced between PHP 180 to PHP 250 depending on the number of slices. 

Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon

City Square Mall 
opens daily from 7AM to 7:30PM
Contact: 411-0462

Island City Mall 
opens daily from 9AM to 9PM
Contact: 416-1060

BQ Mall
Opens daily from 9AM to 9PM
Contact: 501-7795

They also have food carts in the following locations in Cebu:
SM Consolacion, SM Hypermarket Lapu-Lapu, SM City Cebu, Robinsons Cybergate and South Town Center

Photo credit: Emjae Argallon | www.emjaefotos.com 
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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