Feb 7, 2016

DIY Tablea Praline Gift Box for Valentine's Day

If you have a chocoholic loved one, up your gift-giving game this Valentine's Day by giving them a one-of-a-kind boxed chocolate gift. I came up with this quick and nifty gift idea for a friend's wedding. Instead of buying her generic, mass-produced boxed chocolate, I bought these cute and delectable pralines at Tablea Chocolate Cafe. A set of six or 12 pralines comes with a Tablea box but I decided to buy another box just to make the gift prettier and more unique.

Tablea Chocolate Cafe is a Cebu-based artisanal chocolate shop that prides itself for locally sourced cacao and great quality chocolate products. They hope to help reinvigorate the cacao growing industry in the Philippines. The name of the shop is inspired by their primary ingredient, tablea. According to the official Tablea Chocolate Cafe website:

Tabléas (or tableyas) are pure cacao beans that are dried, roasted, ground and then formed into tablets traditionally used in the Philippines to make hot chocolate.
Tabléa seeks to continue this Filipino tradition, while updating it by finding many new uses for tabléa, including unique hot chocolate variations; ice-blended Fríos; and a wide array of tabléa-based desserts and snacks.

I've been a fan of Tablea Chocolate Cafe for some years now. Like most of their products, I fell in love at first bite with their pralines! They come in different flavors and cute designs, too! Each praline is priced at PHP 40 to PHP 50, depending on the flavor. My favorite flavors were honey and rose.

Support the chocolate and cacao industry of the Philippines by buying from homegrown artisinal shops like Tablea!

Tablea Chocolate Cafe

Robinsons Cybergate Mall, G/F
Don Gil Garcia Street
Cebu City
Tel: +6332-512-1049

Robinsons Cybergate Mall, G/F
Don Gil Garcia Street
Cebu City
Tel: +6332-512-1049

JY Square Discovery Mall, G/F
1 Salinas Dr. cor. Gorordo Ave.
Lahug, Cebu City
Tel: +6332-239-2356

For more information, visit Tablea Chocolate Cafe online at

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