Jan 27, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole, Into Hyper Wonderland

For Sinulog this year, I had the privilege of becoming a media partner for Hyper Wonderland, a Sinulog event by lifestyle brand Hyper Cebu. I went with a close friend and, as first timers to a Hyper Cebu event, we were both pleasantly surprised at the experience!

Like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll's well-loved story, we found ourselves in a wonderland dazzling with bright lights and bursting with energy! Hyper Wonderland was definitely a spectacular and immersive experience!

Here are the top three reasons why I enjoyed Hyper Wonderland and why you should not miss out on what Hyper Cebu has to offer, especially for Sinulog next year! 

Everything you need in one place

Hyper Wonderland is not your typical Sinulog party. It's a rave party, food and craft festival and tech fair rolled into one! There's no shortage of fun things you can do while at Hyper Wonderland. You can drink and dance the night away with your friends. If you get tired of raving, you can walk around and check out the fair to see the unique merchandise for sale. 

For a good cause 

I already mentioned this in my pre-Sinulog post but it's worth repeating that Hyper Wonderland is an event for a good cause. Organizers are donating part of their proceeds to Dance Sport Team Cebu City as well as a number of JCI Cebu Projects. It's great to know that the money you spend having fun is also going to a worthy cause! 

Contagious energy

If you want to experience the fun and wild side of Sinulog, Hyper Wonderland is the place to go! The energy was something else, it was immersive and very contagious. The country's hottest DJs like Callum David, Deuce, Mars Miranda were  there to make sure the the people were hyped and the party didn't stop. You couldn't help but be enraptured like the rest of the raving crowd!

How did you spend your Sinulog 2016?

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Photo credits: Hyper Cebu

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