Nov 30, 2015

Seize the Night with Almost Poets Society

Cebu was recently dubbed the creative capital of the Philippines and rightly so! We have world-class furniture, a vibrant art scene, a thriving music culture... Still don't believe me? Join Almost Poets Society and you'll see! 

What is Almost Poets Society?

Almost Poets Society is the brainchild of Zara Nemo, Marj Nemo, Niña Amen and Jasmine Limas. Founded in June 2015, this Cebu-based poetry group aims to gather poets, slam writers, lovers of literature and other creative types under one roof.

But more than just showcase Cebu's local talent, the founders, multi-talented individuals, want to remind us that poetry is still relevant in an age where emotional expression has been reduced to emojis and Facebook statuses. And that poetry is very much alive in Cebu.

Almost Poets Society was officially launched on November 6, 2015 at The Headquarterz. It was a cozy night of poetry and music, two of the things that are at the core of this group. Poets Tara Prieto, Dwight Deveraux, Bambi Beltran, Banana and Chai Fonacier headlined the event. In between poetry readings were performances by homegrown musical talents Loop, Hanna Regis, Jewel Villaflores, Sefyla, Silingan ni Felicity and Wakak.

What is poetry for you?
 - Niña and Jasmine
"Technically, poetry is the use of embellished words re-arranged in a certain manner depending on the writer to subliminally send a message and it's supposedly viewed as artistic. But poetry for me is somehow, take it as my own personal RPG (Role-playing game). It's a play of words to fabricate utopia amidst reality. Burying cursed treasures; concealing the truth above other facts. And let's think MMO (massive multi-player online). It's the gathering of all audiences from humans to elves; to goblins to a quest. In a quest to decipher symbols or the real message of the writer. And along with it, they discover what lies beyond the power of intent versus interpretation. And also..pang maoy!"
 - Dwight Deveraux
"Poetry is heartfelt attention. It is a sincere manifestation of just about anything you notice or care about. And, it is one of the best forms of expression. I love poetry!"
- Banana
"Poetry is an art. It allows you to muster all the passions in life. In poetry you can lie, you can tell the truth, you can create fiction. You can be free!"
- Zara Nemo
“Your heart forged into ink on a piece of paper.”
- Marj Nemo

Almost Poets Society is currently accepting members. If you love reading poems out loud or by yourself and want to enjoy the company of fellow creatives, this club might just be for you!

To join, contact Almost Poets Society via email: or  like us on Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming events:

Photo credit: Joval Rama

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