Jul 16, 2015

Eat like a khan, eat all you can at Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant

There are different levels of hunger and different ways to satiate them. If your hunger rivals that of a Mongolian emperor who just conquered an entire kingdom, Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant might just be the place for you! This restaurant is perfect for anyone looking for a fast, savory and affordable way to satisfy their tummy's cravings! 

Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant specializes in rice bowls, the most famous of which is the eat-all-you-can bowl. That's right! For PHP 260, you can fill your bowl with as much meat, vegetables and rice as you want and refill as many times you want!

Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant is not just for the monstrously hungry. People with tamer appetites can still enjoy their other gastronomic fares like: 
One-time fill bowl for PHP 190
Check-a-Bowl for PHP 140
Warrior bowls for PHP 95
Souper Bowls for PHP 75
I won a gift certificate from Kublai Khan from Cebu Blogging Community's first year anniversary party! I can't wait to use it! What will you be getting at Kublai Khan? 

Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant
Contact: Facebook | (032) 233-8342

3F The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu
Ground Floor, Park Mall, Mandaue City



  1. I cannot wait to visit Cebu Lyza! I love Mongolian Grill. Love your blog and enjoy getting to know a little about Cebu and the Philippines through it!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Jim! You'll love it in the Philippines, there are a lot of amazing places to discover and good food over here 😊 I'm glad You're enjoying my blog!