Jul 14, 2015

Cebu Blogging Community Turned 1!

Cebu Blogging Community turned 1 this month and we threw a party to celebrate this milestone!

Before anything else, I'd like to extend a huge thank you to our major sponsors YambaGlobeHooqTurtuleleCapdase and Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant and our minor sponsors Yoyi's Pastries & DessertsGIGA NaturallyStatic Data Hosting and Global Hub Serviced Offices for making the CBC anniversary so much more exciting and memorable.

My memory of CBC's anniversary is blurry at best. I blame it on the tequila shots and sleeplessness and drunkenness of the previous nights. My recollections have been reduced to bits and pieces: hanging out with people I met online and who I've always wanted to hang out with, unexpectedly winning "Lady of the Night" and the piles of yummy food and awesome prizes. These bits and pieces, have left me deeply longing for the next get-together with the amazing folks of CBC!

Everyone seems to be talking about how awesome the CBC anniversary event is and it was! Just to make things different, I'll write about how awesome the community is instead and why you should join us!

Why should you join Cebu Blogging Community?

Membership is FREE

CBC doesn't charge any membership fee for bloggers who want to apply and the requirements are relatively simple! To join us, all you need is a blog that has been active in the last 3 months; the blog has to have at least 10 posts. There's also a screening process but I'm sure you're awesome so that won't be a problem! 

We are a multi-talented, multi-passionate community

Our community is made up of friendly, multi-talented and multi-passionate members who specialize in different blogging niches from parenting to travel to finance. You won't feel alone in our motley crew of geeks, fashionistas, photographers, cinephiles, bookworms, supermoms and foodies! With our size and diversity, you'll easily find someone to share your interests and hobbies with!

We have supportive and empowering leaders 

At the core of CBC are community leaders who work hard to keep the group engaging, socially conscious, influential and fun. Our leads: Mary Narvasa, Jeph Flores, Gay Dumaguing, Jhanis Vincentte and Channel Imperial are not only great bloggers, they are passionate with what they do in and out of the group. They will be happy to help you with your blog!  

Grow and improve as a blogger 

CBC regularly organizes workshops to help members improve their craft. Many of these workshops are free and hosted by industry leaders and influential bloggers. The community atmosphere itself is conducive for learning and growth. Members are encouraged to share what they know and leaders are supportive and very hands on! 

Get invited to exclusive events 

CBC is one of Cebu's premier and credible blogging organizations. Our leaders and members have worked hard to build and improve our reputation and because of this we regularly get invited to cover exclusive and exciting events! Becoming a member will give you opportunities to attend shop openings, product launchings, fashion shows, social awareness campaigns and many others that fall within your range of interest.  

So, did I convince you to join us? If I did, sign up through the official Cebu Blogging Community website!


  1. Congrats for winning the crown! ;) So glad we got to hang out! Next time again. Hehe

    1. I was surprised that I won XD but thank you! And I'm excited to see you again soon!