Jul 6, 2015

Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speakers: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I love music and can't live without it. What's better than listening to your favorite tunes? Listening to them in the company of friends of course! This is exactly why a Bluetooth speaker has been on my wish list for the longest time. This type of wireless speaker is designed to make your music-listening experience more convenient (no more tangled up cords!) and social (bring it anywhere with you and have an instant sound or movie trip with friends!).

Capdase has recently launched a spanking new speaker with Bluetooth technology: the Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speaker! Why do I love this new device?

Clear and crisp sound quality

Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speaker more than satisfies in terms of sound quality. Ian of PinoyMetroGeek.com did an impromptu demo of the device at Cebu Blogging Community's anniversary dinner and everyone was pleasantly surprised at how such a small speaker could produce such great sound! The bass was solid and deep and the treble was very defined and crisp! We were all awestruck!

Awesome features

Aside from playing and amplifying music, this speaker is packed with awesome features like 10-meter connectivity and long battery life (up to 9 hours of continuous play!). Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speakers also double as a microphone for taking and making hands-free calls on smartphones! How awesome is that?!


Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speaker is the living embodiment of the phrase "small but terrible." It's almost unbelievable how this lightweight and pocket size device can carry so many nifty features! It is perfect for people who want to share great music wherever they go!


Over the years Capdase has become synonymous with great quality gadgets and phone accessories. This commitment to durability and great quality extends to the Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speaker. The Capdase brand is your guarantee that this product is carefully designed and built to last through many sound trips and adventures!


Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speaker currently retails at an introductory price of PHP 1,950. That's relatively cheap compared to other Bluetooth speakers. Plus, considering all the features, you're definitely getting great value for your money!

Sleek and minimalist look

The sleek, minimalist look of Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speaker is an instant win for me. I like that it keeps its aesthetic bare and simple. This gadget comes in three stylish colors: black, silver and red. Obviously, I want the black one!

Ergonomic design

Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be user-friendly. The different controls are strategically placed so they are easy to manipulate and ergonomic! Who else wants to enjoy their music hassle-free and pain-free?
What do you love about Capdase Beat SOHO Bluetooth Speakers

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  1. "The best thing I like about this Capdase Bluetooth Speaker is that I don't have it. By not having it, it means I want it more. And by wanting more, I feel my life more enriched, " said Mewming sarcastically.