Jul 18, 2015

Capdase BEAT Soho Bluetooth Speaker: Portable Badassery

I'm so in love with my new Capdase BEAT Soho Bluetooth Speaker! I already raved about the nifty features of this wireless speaker in a previous post. Today, I'll show you how awesome it is in real life!

I originally wanted the black bluetooth speaker but I'm totally happy with the silver one that I received. It's so shiny and chrome! And most of my other gadgets - laptop, iPod and iPad - are also in this color so they're perfect together!

The Capdase BEAT Soho Bluetooth Speaker is so user friendly! Reading manuals is really not my thing and when I first un-boxed my Capdase speaker I had no trouble syncing it with my iPad and playing music. It took me less than five minutes to figure out how it works without reading the manual! 

Another awesome thing about this speaker is its portability and ergonomic design (refer to pictures below). See how I can easily carry it with one hand? The buttons and switches are also easy to manipulate!

Despite its small size, it produces really crisp and clear sound! It's great for impromptu sound trips and movie marathons!

Last but not the least, see the bottom part? This speaker has a rubber base which keeps it from moving around when playing loud music.

Wouldn't you agree that the Capdase BEAT Soho Bluetooth Speaker is badass? I plan to bring this baby everywhere I go! 

For more information on Capdase products, check out their official website and Facebook page

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