Mar 20, 2015

CBC Ultimate Meetup + 3 Things I Learned

A motley crew of foodies, fahionistas, DIY-enthusiasts, makeup artists, shutterbugs and travel junkies flocked to The Diamond Suites on March 7, 2015. That colorful group was bound together by a common interest: blogging! And did I mention that we were all proud members of the Cebu Blogging Community (CBC)?

That fateful Saturday, we took several hours off our hectic schedules to enjoy the company of fellow bloggers and engage in the first ever meetup of CBC. It was a fun and enlightening day marked by interesting conversations, games and meeting new people. Aside from the sumptuous food, wine and excellent service (all courtesy of our gracious host, The Diamond Suites), we enjoyed informative discussions by industry bigwigs like Ms. Eleanor Valeros of Eleanor New Media and Ms. Rachelle Nessia of the Philippine Information Agency.

I took home a lot of new experiences and epiphanies that day but here, I'll share the three most valuable blogging-related lessons I learned. Click on READ MORE to know what these are!

1. Never lose your sense of fun. 
As in all hobbies, I occasionally feel uninspired and bored with my blogging. This usually happens when I have posts piling up and deadlines looming. What I usually do is I pause (literally, as in I take a break and stop forcing myself to write). During this respite I remember why I blog in the first place and that is because I like to write and I find blogging simply fun!
Fun makes blogging unique (from more traditional media) and more personal. Also, fun is contagious and it manifests in the way I write. In fact, I can tell which of my writings are inspired and which were composed in a deadline-induced stupor. 
Interacting with fellow CBC members online and in real life is a great pick-me-up for days when I feel bored with my blog. This diverse and talented community reminds me of how fun and enriching sharing experiences can be!
2. I am accountable for whatever I share on my blog.
Blogging, like all social media, has leveled the playing field for information-sharing. These days, anyone can own a blog and they can publish pretty much anything on it. This is what I did in my old blogs. Back then, I wrote about anything. I blogged verbose and practically useless essays about heat-stroke inducing weather, my hatred for firecrackers, the weird effects coffee had on me and the quirky antics of my cats (Please don't judge me! I do feel tempted to hit my teenage self with a lead pipe every now and then).
In recent years, I'm less angsty and more conscious about what I write online and not because I think I'm better than anyone else (far from it!). I just want to make my latest blog more focused and, I'm hoping, useful to others. This is also a personal exercise on discipline. I have many of the symptoms of a millennial (notice how many I's I can squeeze together in one sentence?) and I struggle to balance the self-centeredness with social-consciousness. Being a part of CBC made me see the potential that blogging has and that bloggers (especially bloggers sharing a collective purpose) can make a difference!
3. Blogging can be a platform for greater things.
One of the things that I realized when I joined CBC is the value of community. This is not an easy thing to say for someone who is antisocial selectively social. Connecting with others and sharing experiences is a good way to grow and it also opens a window to social awareness. Seeing all the interesting members of CBC connect, in spite of their different personalities and interests, makes my heart swell with pride and hope. 
Blogging can be fun, blogging can teach me to be responsible but, above all, blogging can become universally valuable. I'm happy to be part of this group and I'm looking forward to doing great things with fellow members online and in the real world. 

My blog is still very much a work in progress (as am I as a blogger and living creature) and by joining CBC I'm hoping to be better at what I do. Our first meetup was certainly fun and unforgettable but for sure it is only the beginning of more exciting and enriching group activities.

Some snapshots from the Cebu Blogging Community Ultimate Meetup:


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  1. I can spot myself doing a selfie in one of your photos, lol! You've shared some great learnings about blogging. I share the same thoughts. I'm beyond happy to be part of a local community where I can really meet other bloggers personally. Blogging for a cause without losing the fun is my biggest realization ever since. :)

    1. I'm happy to be part of a group filled with talented and fascinating people like you. Also, joining CBC is a fun way for me to be more motivated and committed to my blogging :) I hope to see you in future meetups!