Mar 29, 2015

A Little Bit of Whimsy: Little Prince Planner & Journal

My forgetfulness is something of a legend among friends and loved ones. I've a shameful habit of forgetting all sorts of things from birth dates to names to where I last put my phone. One of my solutions to this enduring problem is to keep a journal. I've kept small notebooks for jotting down to-do lists and to-buy lists ever since I was twelve.

In recent years, I've moved on to the digital age by relying more on apps. While I'm obscenely dependent on my gadgets for reminders, journal-keeping and note-taking, I do occasionally go the old school route and use actual, physical notebooks -- especially if that notebook is as lovely the Little Prince planner and journal I serendipitously found at one of the booths at Otaku Fest 8.

A shop called Witch Engine was selling this organizer along with other unique wares like seal and wax stamping sets and steampunk corsets (the contact info of Witch Engine is at the bottom of this post). I couldn't resist buying it especially since I have recently rekindled my love for the classic, beautifully nuanced story of The Little Prince.

The wonderful thing about this journal is that it has a lot of blank pages for writing and drawing and they're all so whimsical and colorful! The last organizer I had, the Giving Journal by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, was a calender-style planner with only a few blank pages for notes. I ended up using it only for a few months D:

I'm so happy I found this journal! This is certainly a nice gift idea for friends who love The Little Prince or anyone who like to write and sketch :)

Witch Engine Gift Shop
Contact: Facebook | 0915-892-7900

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  1. So cool!!! LOVE IT! I already have a daily planner/journal that I so love and now I'm hunting for a blogger notebook or planner with lots of space to write on. I'm obsessed with nice planners and notebooks actually. Hehehe