Mar 10, 2015

4 Fun Things to Do Within Cebu City + Where to Stay

Last week one of my cousins told me that she had friends visiting Cebu and she welcomed suggestions on how she could entertain them. What I love about Cebu is that there are many things you can do here - whether it's a nature trek on its breathtaking mountaintops or an exciting foray into its thriving night life.

In this post, I'll be focusing on 4 exciting activities that can be done within Cebu City plus a tip on where you can stay. These suggestions will come in handy if you want to do something fun, immersive and unique without traveling out of the metropolis. 

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1. Have an exhilarating day at an amusement park.

 Photo credit: Daniel Carter | Disclaimer: image is for illustrative purposes only
I'm one of those people who go berserk in amusement parks. Aside from the adrenaline rush, I love the sense of whimsy and childhood memories that theme parks evoke. If you can relate, then you'll be happy to know that Cebu City has its own amusement parks - Rainforest Park and Sky Experience Adventure!
Rainforest Park is the first and only rain forest-themed amusement park in Cebu City. It's a family-friendly place that features educational attractions like aquariums and aviaries and exciting activities like zip-line and wall-climbing. Rainforest Park is located in F. Cabahug St., Ayala Access Road, Panagdait, Cebu City. Find more information at their official website and Facebook.
If you're looking for something more hair-raising and heart-stopping, Sky Experience Adventure is the place to go. Located at the top level of one of the city's tallest skyscrapers, this hot spot offers many exhilarating rides like the popular Edge Coaster, Sky Walk Extreme and the 6D Theater. Sky Experience Adventure isn't just for daredevils, you can also come to simply enjoy spectacular views of Cebu's cityscape. For more information about Sky Experience Adventure, check out their official website and Facebook

2. Explore heritage houses and museums.

Photo credit: Oliver Gruener | Disclaimer: image is for illustrative purposes only
The history of Cebu City is rich and colorful. Perhaps the best and easiest way to experience the color and drama of Cebu City's past is by exploring its many historical spots.
One of the most popular heritage houses in Cebu City is the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House in Parian District of Cebu City. Built in the 17th century, this two-storey wooden ancestral house is one of the oldest existing residential structures in the country. Visitors can walk through the house and check out the antiques, background story and other historical tidbits featured inside. The location and other details of Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House are available here
Fort San Pedro is another must-visit historical landmark in Cebu City. This military defense structure, built in the 16th century, is an impressive edifice to behold. It houses many artifacts from centuries ago like cannons, Spanish documents, paintings and sculptures. There's a lot you can see and learn inside Fort San Pedro. For more information about this landmark, check out this and this.

3. Immerse yourself in the local music scene.

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I think part of what makes Cebu's culture unique is the comradeship that binds the community together. This camaraderie is evident even in the local music scene, something worth experiencing when in the city. Many bars and clubs in Cebu support local talent by organizing gigs and events. Make sure to check out Cebu City's homegrown music hubs like The Outpost, Handuraw (they arguably have the best thin crust pizzas in the city!) and KOA Tree House for music events when in Cebu. I personally recommend these three spots for their cozy, intimate atmosphere and accessibility.
Cebu is also well-known for being one of the best makers of the ukelele instrument in the world. A local group called Ukelele Cebu is driving to promote this instrument, its local players and the music culture of Cebu in general by organizing ukelele gigs and other activities. Check out Ukelele Cebu's Facebook page for updates on shows and events. 

4. Go shopping.

Photo credit: Nelson Syozi | Disclaimer: image is for illustrative purposes only
If you, like me, consider shopping your favorite sport (I'm kidding! Just a little) then you'll be ecstatic to know that SM Seaside City is opening this year! This mall, dubbed the largest and first circular-structure mall in the Philippines, will undeniably boost Cebu's image as a shopping destination. But you don't have to wait for SM Seaside City's opening to enjoy shopping. Cebu City's existing malls like SM City and Ayala Center have much to offer in terms of food, fashion items, gadgets and books. Make sure to buy something special for your loved ones the next time you visit Cebu City! 

Where to Stay in Cebu City

The Diamond Suites and Residences is one of your best and most convenient options when looking for a place to stay in Cebu City. This stylishly modern hotel is within reasonable distance to all the attractions and activities I mentioned above; in fact it's within walking distance to Ayala Mall and the city's premier business districts!

Not only is Cebu Diamond Suites strategically located and accessible, it features many modern facilities and amenities including a mini gym, all-day restaurant, Al Fresco bar, banquet and meeting facilities and swimming pool. Its rooms are equipped with a hot and cold shower, LCD television, an in-room safe, a mini bar and IDD/long distance facilities. And did I mention their beds have memory pillows? So comfy! 

I recently attended the first meetup of Cebu Blogging Community at The Diamond Suites. It was a fun day filled with informative conversations with industry bigwigs and fellow bloggers. I must say, we were all impressed by the food, service, fast wifi and overall atmosphere of The Diamond Suites. After an engaging workshop  in one of the hotel's function rooms, the bloggers enjoyed an evening of great food, wine, conversations, music and the surrounding view of Cebu's cityscape on the pool deck.

The Diamond Suites and Residences is certainly a wonderful place to stay and hold special gatherings. 

For rates, bookings and other information on The Diamond Suites and Residences, contact them at: 

What do you like best about Cebu? What are your favorite things to do in the city?

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  1. I've been to Fort San Pedro and I loved it! I also love Handuraw - agree with best pizza ever! I actually planned to go around the city and explore more. Been here for ages but I haven't seen a lot yet. Thanks for your recommendations! I'd love to try Rainforest Park next. :)

    1. There's really a lot that you can do in Cebu :) If you enjoy exploring historical spots like Fort San Pedro you should look out for "Gabii sa Kabilin." I dunno if you've heard about it, this one-night event is a fun and convenient way to discover heritage houses and museums all over Cebu. My friends and I tried it out in 2013 and we had a lot of fun!