Feb 1, 2014

Fleidermaus' 5 gothic chocolate gift ideas to die for this Valentine's day!

February has just rolled in -- you know what that means, Valentine's Day is right around the corner! If you are tired of the cheesy proclivities that are all too common this Valentine's season, but still want to make your special someone feel extra special, you've come to the right place!

From the outrageously bizarre to the darkly decadent, these gothic gift ideas were handpicked by someone with a penchant for the dark side of life. Click on READ MORE to see my list of 5 gothic chocolate gift ideas that you can give to your darkling and make Valentine's Day more exciting. 

Chocolates are a staple part of Valentine's Day and I'm willing to ditch the flowers and sappy cards but not chocolate for this occasion. If you are in love with, married to or dating a goth, these  chocolate gifts may be just the thing to make his or her black heart sing! (worldwide shipping is available for most of these items)

  • Los Angeles-based luxury gourmet chocolate maker, Compartes Chocolatier,  has a sweet offering for the dark-hearted epicurean. The Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Skull is a cute and exquisite lollipop confection "made from single-origin chocolate and infused with the shop's signature blend of Mexican  hot chocolate spices (including cayenne and cinnamon) and hand-painted with gold glitter." This is a wonderful gift for those with discriminating taste and a macabre fascination. Order here

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate skull (image credit: Compartes.com)

  • What better way to celebrate heart's day than by giving the love of your life an anatomically correct chocolate heart? The one pound chocolate human heart by mortuary novelty shop Pushin Daisies is made from premium chocolate -- your choice of either solid, milk or dark chocolate. This is certainly a witty and sweet gift not just for goths but for medical students, cardiologists and people with a great sense of humor and a sweet tooth. It is packaged in a white gift box, also available in 10 oz size. Order here

Anatomically correct chocolate heart (image credit: PushinDaisies.com)

  • Who says ghosts are only for Halloween? The 3-piece Chocolate Truffle gift box from Chocoholic.com puts a delightfully creepy twist to the well-loved truffle. A surefire hit with kindergoths and baby bats, this gift comes in a delectable selection of white chocolate covered dark chocolate truffle, milk chocolate covered caramel truffle and dark chocolate caramel truffle, all made to look like cute little ghosts. Each truffle is wrapped individually and then placed in a gift box. Order here

Truffle ghosts (image credit: Chocoholic.com)

  • New York City-based chocolatier, Bond Street Chocolate prides itself with an indulgent selection of 24-carat gold dusted chocolate, handmade truffles and bonbons and other mouthwatering treats. Included in the shop's iconic "Divine Collection," alongside gold-dusted chocolate deities, is a tin box of Dark Chocolate Skulls. The elegantly sculpted skulls are 72% chocolate and are dusted with metallic silver. Comes in a box of six. More information about the shop and their products here

Dark chocolate skulls (image credit: bondstchocolate.com)

  • This Valentine's Day, profess your undying love to your sweetheart by giving her Belgian chocolate inspired by our favorite undying creatures -- vampires! Vampire Vineyards, wine producers whose infamous clientele includes Alice Cooper, also offers Vampire Fine Belgian Chocolate appropriately packaged in black boxes that strangely look like ancient tomes. A campy and delightful surprise to vampire fan-girls and fan-boys, the decadent boxed set comes with either Belgian dark chocolate or Belgian milk chocolate. Order here
Vampire Belgian dark chocolate (image credit: vampire.com)

What gift are you planning to give your significant other this Valentine's Day?

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