Aug 26, 2013

Something whimsical this way comes: Cafe Noriter is in Cebu!

I fell in love with Café Noriter the first time I visited a branch in Dumaguete. Naturally, I was nothing less than ecstatic when I found out that one was going to open in Cebu City! Café Noriter had its soft opening this month and of course I couldn’t wait to go. Keep reading to know what wonders await you inside this quirky Korean café.

Noriter is a Korean word that means “playground” and the shop certainly lives up to its namesake. When I walked into Café Noriter I felt like a kid in a toy store. From the wooden lofts reminiscent of tree houses and monkey bars to the cute knickknacks scattered here and there, there were so many wonderful things to see and gush over! 

Unlike most local cafes and bars, the guests at Café Noriter can eat, drink and play while sitting Indian style in their signature lofts— both upper and lower decks are filled with plush toys, colorful pillows and low tables.

Shoes are optional. The café provides customers with slip-on loafers. 

What I love most about Cebu’s Café Noriter— aside from the whimsical décor—are the huge windows! The natural light makes the place even more warm, playful and happy. 

After settling down in one of the upper decks near the window, I headed off to the counter to order.

I got myself their Java Chip Frappuccino and their bestselling Honey Bread while Mawsy had Ciabatta (fortunately for him they had food that wasn’t sweet :P) and a cup of Café Moca.

Honey Bread, P150 @ Café Noriter

I already talked about the Honey Bread before. This treat is made up of two slabs of wheat bread with a distinct honey flavor and topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkled with nuts. It is simply divine, a must-try for people with a sweet-tooth!

Ciabatta, P150 @ Café Noriter

The Ciabatta is a filling and very taste snack. I just found out now that it is actually Italian white bread made from wheat flour and yeast. The one in Café Noriter is stuffed with cheese and meat and served with pickles and mayonnaise. 

Java Chip Frap, P180 @ Café Noriter

Café Moca, P145 @ Café Noriter
We both loved our drinks—although Mawsy particularly enjoyed my Java Chip Frap, especially the way it looked. Who wouldn’t? It’s not that often that you get to enjoy your frap in a glass jar!

Café Noriter is currently giving their customers special coupons. One of the coupons will let you get a free drink (any drink!) once you get ten stickers (1 for each coffee you have ordered) and another lets you enjoy 10% off of your orders.

Because Café Noriter is still in its soft opening, their menu is not yet complete. Their selection is made up of coffee, frappuccinos and the two kinds of sandwiches that we ordered. I was told they are going to fully open this September, but don’t bother wait! This place is definitely worth trying out, simply a haven for having inspired conversations, board games, reading, chilling out or what have you.

Cafe Noriter
One Acacia Place, 
Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City
(across Elizabeth Hotel)

Have you gone to Cafe Noriter? What do you love best about this place?

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