Aug 10, 2013

Let's do the time warp @ Fabulous Fifties Cafe!

I've been meaning to check out Fabulous Fifties Cafe at Crown Regency after a friend told me about it last year. Fast forward to this year and I finally got to go there!

As the name suggests, this restaurant/bar follows a 1950s theme. The lobby right outside is modern and normal-looking so seeing the cafe's stylized neon signage and the anachronistic decor gave me an unforgettable first impression.

On the walls and ceiling you'll see vintage stuff and 50s souvenirs, from cameras to cars--yes, the place has a classic red convertible suspended from the ceiling!-- and their friendly staff are appropriately dressed in period clothing.

Fabulous Fifties is found at the 21st floor of Crown Regency's Tower 2. Mawsy and I ate there the night before my birthday this year. After several elevator rides and asking directions once or twice, we finally made it. 

I love themed restaurants so the place's ambiance was an instant win for me. There is a huge window that offers a breathtaking view of Cebu's cityscape. We were seated near the stage where live music was played.

Mawsy and I were famished so we each had baby back ribs, I had fries with mine while he enjoyed his with rice.

Honestly, I expected more from the gastronomic experience-- the food selection wasn't too amazing if you ask me. Still, the fun atmosphere, friendly staff and unique interiors are enough to entice me for a future visit (by then I hope to try out their cocktails!). Overall, Fabulous Fifties Cafe is a great place to unwind and chill with friends.

Fabulous Fifties Cafe
(open from 6PM to 2AM)
21st Floor, Tower 2
Crown Regency Hotel & Towers 
Osmena Blvd, Cebu City

Have you tried out the food and drinks at Fabulous Fifties? What's your favorite themed restaurant?

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