Aug 16, 2013

Cold Treats for Beating the Summer Heat: Malunggay Ice Cream @ The Buzz Cafe, Island City Mall!

Halo-Halo with Malunggay & Tsokolate ice cream, P140 @ The Buzz Cafe

The day after my pre-birthday dinner at Fabulous Fifties Cafe, I headed back to Bohol to celebrate and spend time with my family. I also made sure to meet up with some of my closest friends from high school, including my bestest best friend, Rose, who just arrived from New York a few months back! 

We decided to hang out at The Buzz Cafe at Island City Mall. The Buzz Cafe has achieved quite a legendary status among foodies across the Philippines and tourists arriving in Bohol. It's run by the same family who owns Bohol Bee Farm, another distinctive gastronomic destination in the province. 

We were too hungry to take pictures of the pasta and salads we ate. I'll just stick to the ice cream we had afterwards and leave you with this gratuitous picture of us- minus my best friend because she took the picture haha!

Aaaw, most of them were wearing black (in my honor, I hope!)

The others had already left when Rose and I sat down for some long-overdue bonding time and ice cream. She kept promoting the cafe's malunggay flavor. Although I wouldn't call it my favorite, it was still delicious and  had just the right amount of sweetness and a distinctive malunggay aftertaste. 

The mere mention of malunggay ice cream always makes me smile because my friends back in college used to joke about inventing malunggay as an ice cream flavor. (Sorry guys! Someone already went ahead of you :P)

Malunggay ice cream, P40 per scoop @ The Buzz Cafe

The ice creams at The Buzz Cafe are served either in their homemade ban-ban cones or in glass bowls. After enjoying a scoop each, Rose and I had halo-halo. The chocoholic in me made sure to get the tsokolate flavored ice cream which was also uniquely divine. It was sweet with a perfectly subtle bitter taste.

The Buzz Cafe
Ground Floor, Island City Mall,
Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Which of The Buzz Cafe's ice cream flavors do you love best? What's the weirdest ice cream flavor you've eaten?

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