May 13, 2013

Cold Treats for Beating the Summer Heat: Chocolate Mint Smoothie @ Vanille Cafe & Patisserie

Chocolate Mint Smoothie, P115 @ Vanille Cafe & Patisserie

May has been and is still going to be crazy and I mean the I'm-going-out-of-my-mind-because-of-all-the-things-I-need-to-do kind of crazy. Last Sunday I unexpectedly had three hours to kill the result of not buying a ticket for Bohol in advance and the mobs of people going home to vote by the way, have you voted already? I took the delay as a much-needed albeit brief opportunity to unwind and cool my head. 

I decided to wait and eat at Vanille Cafe & Patisserie. The obvious choice of drink of course was something cold because of the heatstroke-inducing weather we've been having since summer kicked in. I got the cafe's chocolate mint smoothie and paired it with a slice of brownie cheesecake. 

Brownie Cheesecake, P120 @ Vanille Cafe & Patisserie

Vanille Cafe & Patisserie
2nd Floor, Northwing,
SM City, Cebu

What do you usually have at Vanille Cafe & Patisserie? How is your summer so far?

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