Dec 8, 2012

{Dumaguete travel + food photolog} Cafe Noriter: A playground for the palate and imagination!

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself on a boat, eager to escape the hustle and bustle of Cebu City. My destination: Dumaguete.

My last "vacation" in Dumaguete lasted less than 24 hours, I was only able to try out two restaurants-- Kri and Flamin' Grill Cafe. This time around I was determined to eat more food and discover other great places to eat.

Dumaguete offers a welcome respite from familiar restaurant chains, something which I look forward to every time I go there. Read on to find out what amazing food and restaurants I tried out during my trip!

P.S. Please excuse the blurry pictures. My camera's auto-focus is broken, I've been manually adjusting the focus these last couple of weeks-- which is such a royal pain in the ass!

When I got to Dumaguete City, my cousin/tour guide, Mel, asked me what I wanted to do first. I told her I wanted to eat pancakes. I hadn't eaten in about four hours and suddenly I was craving for pancakes. So, from the boat terminal Mel took me straight to Cafe Noriter.

Noriter is a Korean word for "playground". With its whimsical decor and colorful interiors, Cafe Noriter certainly lives up to its name! This is definitely the kind of place I'd go to read a good book or enjoy a conversation with friends.

Make way for the food!

I had a very decadent breakfast at Cafe Noriter, starting off with their Regular Honey Bread. This sumptuous treat is made up of two slices of honey wheat bread topped generously with whipped cream, Cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles and  caramel syrup. Every bite was heavenly!

Regular Honey Bread, P105 @ Cafe Noriter / Drooling yet?

I know I am!

Special Ice Cream Waffle, P250 Cafe Noriter 

The decadence doesn't end there, next up was the fulfillment of my pancake dreams! My cousin and I shared a plate of the cafe's Special Ice Cream Waffle, a mouthwatering medley of ice cream sandwiches, waffles topped with ice cream and fruits with swirls of chocolate syrup and marshmallows. This is one hell of a feast for the sweet tooth!

Cafe Noriter's combination of quirky decor and sumptuous food definitely make it a playground for the palate and imagination! 

Have you been to Cafe Noriter? Which of their food have you tried and loved? 

This is only the first post in my latest Dumaguete travel + food photolog. Don't miss my upcoming special features on the other amazing food places I discovered while there! Follow me on Facebook / Twitter / Google Friend Connect / the mailing list on the sidebar. 

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