Sep 2, 2012

{Special Feature} A Walk Through Life / Poetry, Prose & Photographs by Richard Cuthing

"I speak few words. I seldom concur in bantering. I am enamored with solitude, and my spirit hovers beyond the dimension of my being. I am different, but I have my own profound reasons."
-from "A Crowd Within", a piece from "A WAlk Through Life"

 Stoic— was my first impression of Richard. I don’t mean it in a negative way, though. I saw him as being extremely disciplined and punctual (rare qualities in my generation, I say). Soon enough I realized that he was a lot more.

A writer, a leader, a man of passion and now an author, what is the world like to someone like Richard? Through prose that flows like poetry and poetry that speaks to the heart, he invites us to take A Walk Through Life with him.

In this collection of various writings— poetry, slices of life, reminiscences and musings— and photographs, Richard lets us see the world as he saw it and live life as he lived it.

Brilliant in its honesty and touching in its immediacy, A Walk Through Life celebrates through one man’s craft, the joys and absurdities of life, the pain of loss, the power of love and friendship and every little thing that make living more meaningful.

A Walk Through Life is available at Amazon / Barnes & Noble

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