Jul 8, 2012

Take the Plunge in E.A.T. Danao, Danao, Bohol!

Do you want to break away from the monotony of daily life? Do you want to take your vacation to a more heart-racing and extreme level? If you answered yes, then the adventure packages of E.A.T. Danao in Danao, Bohol, might be just for you! 

I've been on the move since Monday; food tripping in Dumaguete from Monday to Tuesday, jet-skiing and swimming in the beaches of Panglao on Wednesday and on Thursday there was Danao. Click on Read More to find out what happened during my stay in Bohol's hottest adventure destination and what you can expect from your E.A.T. Danao experience!

E.A.T. Danao, short for Eco/Educational/Extreme Adventure Tour, is defined by its official website as "an eco-tourism concept set up to benefit the Municipality of Danao, Bohol and its people." The historical roots of the facility's nature park are as exciting as its tour activities: it used to be the base camp of Francisco Dagohoy, the legendary Boholano hero who led the longest-running revolution in the country!

E.A.T. Danao offers an exciting array of attractions, ranging from educational to death-defying. The activities include: Off-road Buggy rides, Sky Ride, the Plunge, Suislide, river trekking, village tours, cliff Rappelling and caving. You can find the complete list of activities and their corresponding rates and packages through the E.A.T. Danao website.

After much deliberation, my fellow adventurers/cousins and I decided to go for the Plunge and Suislide. One of the staff at the reception kiosk told us that it would be best to start off with Suislide and then do the Plunge after; we followed his suggestion. 

Suislide is E.A.T. Danao's version of the zipline. Before going on the "slide for life", the zipline staff help you gear up. If you came in as a group, the staff will ask you if you'll be doing the ride in pairs or individually.

The awkward part is when they ask you to put your weight on your upper body and suspend yourself parallel to the ground while they attach the harness. And then the most breathtaking episode of the experience begins!

For P350 you get to enjoy an awesome bird's eye-view of the gorge, greenery and mountain-scapes. My only tip is this: keep your eyes open and look around when you slide! Some people go through the ride with their eyes closed but you'll miss half of what makes the experience amazing if you do that. 

Once you arrive on the opposite platform, the staff there help you get out of the gear. You have to take a short walk to the second jump off point. We took several minutes off to rest and waited for my other cousins to arrive. 

I have to admit that I did get a bit queasy at some point during the slide, especially when the possibility of falling and breaking every bone in my body occurred to me. But then I quickly put that thought at the back of my head and decided to savor the few minutes of feeling like I was flying!

Next was the Plunge. When we were arguing discussing which activities to do, most of the votes went to the Plunge's favor.

Here's a brief intermission: I was a bit hesitant to do the Plunge at first because the day before (during our Dumaluan beach escapade, which is another story) we tried this trampolene thing after jet-skiing.

We wore our cooling patches for muscle relief-- remnants of our beach adventure-- like badges of honor. 

Honestly, between riding the waves like a lunatic and jumping at least 10 feet up the air, I found the latter more nerve-wracking. Do you know that weird feeling you have when you're falling down and you're lightheaded and you're anticipating the moment when you'll finally hit the ground? Well I don't like how that feels and I thought that the Plunge would be all that. But then my cousins kept saying that ziplines were all over the Philippines now-- it's even in Cebu-- whereas the Plunge is almost legendary. In fact, the one in Danao is the highest canyon swing in the world! Let's just say the superlative on the ad is one of the things that convinced me to do it.

So onto the experience!

After Suislide, we head off to the jump off point of the Plunge. There were 5 of us who were doing the activity and I would be the second to go. First we geared up and while we waited for our turn, we took photos and nervously chit-chatted with each other and with the attraction operators.

Here are the technical facts of the Plunge (via the E.A.T. Danao website again):
The Plunge is a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200-meter high and 300-meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 45-meter free fall first before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring a hundred meter diameter. 
In layman's term, this is one hell of a ride!

Here's what happens:

1. You climb onto the platform where the operator puts the harness and cables on you. He also tells you the stuff you need to do (i.e. hold onto to dear life during the free fall).

2. You sit on the edge Indian-style while they slowly lower the platform: 

3. With only the cables and harness suspending you, they lower you slowly:

 4. Then comes the free fall:

5. Finally, the EPIC swing!

6. Enjoy the view!

Hanging out has a whole new meaning now. 

7. And the ride's done and they pull you back up. 

On a metaphysical note, this heart-pounding ride was a very humbling experience for me. It made me realize two things: 1. We are all very fragile and tiny yet we are bursting with life and the capacity to enjoy the things around us- so let's do just that while we have the chance. 2. Almost everything (e.g. money, clothes, conflicts, etc.) are rendered meaningless when we find ourselves in the middle of a life and death situation. In the end, I have this to say: Life's too short to be spent inside a cubicle or worrying about petty things or things we can't change. [/rambling]

The amazing thing about E.A.T. Danao is that it's like the convergence of man's adventurous spirit and divine genius. If you are up to the challenge of doing something crazy, wild and refreshing in Bohol, then don't miss E.A.T. Danao's offerings especially the Plunge. Quoting an ad for the fabled attraction, "You are not paying for the ride, you're paying for the experience." And it was definitely an experience I wouldn't mind doing all over again!

The rest of the trip... in pictures:


Have you gone on an extreme adventure tour in Danao, Bohol? Have you taken the Plunge there? Would you dare do it (or do it again)? 

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  1. It's really now an awesome place! #itsmorefuninthephilippines ;)

    1. The Philippines certainly has something to offer to every type of traveler, from the dauntless backpacker to the extreme adventurer :)

    2. So this is where my friend had his profile picture taken. Hmmmm...The place really stunning but being suspended on air is rather scary for me still.

  2. Who took the photos while you're hanging by a thread? Hehehe. I seriously want to do the plunge!!! I've done lots of ziplines and I'm all for extreme adventures. If skydiving isn't that expensive, I'd say I've done that too. LOL. Kudos to you for taking the plunge! Really need to visit Bohol soon.

    1. You should visit Bohol soon! It's only 2 hours away and check out E.A.T. Danao while you're there. I want to try skydiving, too! I think there's one in Mactan but, yeah, I heard the price is pretty steep :-/ My cousin, the more experienced and better equipped photographer, documented our daredevil adventures at Danao ;)

  3. Oh my oh my! Makasuya! I honestly am acrophobic but I am so into extreme adventures and I don't know why! Haha. Ahhh I wanna try this soon!!!

    1. You should try at least the zipline hehehe it's less scary than The Plunge and it's everywhere now. There's even one in Cebu City. But The Plunge is something else and definitely something worth bragging about!

  4. I have always wanted to try these! If I happen to go to Bohol, this is a must visit. Plus look at that view! Nature in its raw form is simply divine.

  5. Oh my gosh! I would be screaming during the whole zipline ride if I were up there haha!

  6. I think I just peed my pants looking at the photos. Looks fun! I think. Hhahaha!

  7. I've been craving for this adventure since 2012 but when I visit Bohol I always got the wrong company. You know the not-so-into-extreme people heheh. Suya kaayo ko huhuh hopefully soon I'll be there. :)