Apr 4, 2012

{Special Feature} Fuerza Bruta at the Manila Hotel: a Picture Show! My mini vacation in Manila pt.2

Fuerza Bruta was a feast for the senses, it was like a mini-musical of Fight Club plus a rave party that unfolded against a surrealist masterpiece by Dali. Honestly, the experience could not be summed up in words, so let's get it on with the picture show, shall we? (Click on Read More to see the entire post. Warning: it's image heavy!)

Unlike most theater shows and productions, Fuerza Bruta was not presented on a single stage and there were no seats either. This convinced us to move around, look up, jump, dance and experience the show in a whole new level! 

This is what bouncing off the walls literally looks like:

No party would ever be badass enough without a DJ appropriately dressed as an aristocrat and wearing a powdered wig!

Phantasmagorical and edgy, Fuerza Bruta is one production I shall never forget. 

Would you watch Fuerza Bruta if they came to the Philippines again? Have you watched anything similar to Fuerza Bruta? 

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