Feb 26, 2012

Game On Cosplay | February 25, 2012

Adorable Lolitas. Armored bishounens. Fashionable villains. Fangirls and fanboys. There's probably only one activity that brings all these quirky characters together: cosplay! And this month, in Cebu, it's Game On Cosplay at J Centre Mall!

The Game On cosplay event held at J Centre Mall on Saturday, February 25, was another exciting addition to the thriving Cebu cosplay scene. As in all Cebu cosplay events, Game On cosplay drew in hordes of cosplay enthusiasts, anime and manga fans, photographers and curious passers-by.

My cosplay buddy for the day, Camille, and I got to J Centre Mall about an hour and a half later than the time the activities were supposed to start- we had previous engagements to attend to.

Also, because of our crazy schedule we didn't have time to pick characters to cosplay. So we took random pieces from our closets and assembled outfits we deemed appropriate for the occasion.

Camille went as a J-rocker while I came as myself- in layers of fishnets, lace and tulle.

(Below) A friend of mine a.k.a. Orochimaru was the brains behind Game On and was actually one of the main reasons why I took pains to attend it. (Guilt trip mode :P)

The group cosplay contest had already begun when we arrived. We missed the individual cosplay competition, unfortunately.

These guys (re-enacting a Metal Slug game) won the group cosplay category:

This is what the audience looked like during the Metal Slug skit:

Judging from the crowd's reaction and the awesomeness of the props, I think they deserved the prize!

(Below) A dance group called Teen Top did an intermission number and kept the audience entertained.

Aside from cosplay competitions, Game On hosted a raffle contest and a random trivia game which the audience and cosplayers could participate in. There were colorful cosplay wigs, accessories, toys and collectible items at stake!

I really wanted to win the purple wig or the wig of choice certificate that Kospurei Sugar Shop (one of the event sponsors) was giving away. I didn't win either *sulks in the corner*

There was a one-hour break before the announcement of winners. Since it was our first time to be in  J Centre Mall, Camille and I thought it was opportune to go window shopping and look around. I fell in love with a pair of combat boots displayed in one of the boutiques in the 2nd floor. I want need to buy it the next time I hit  J Centre Mall!

We also found this amazing Eifel Tower model in the top-most floor. Maybe Camille should buy it? :P

We returned to the cosplay area in time for the cosplay contest winners to be announced.

(Below) The Flyff Psykeeper bagged the first place for the best male cosplayer category. 

Here's what his amazing costume looked up close:

(Below) The ass-kicking femme fatale bested the other contestants of the female cosplay competition. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of her :(

The Metal Slug guys won the group cosplay category:

Here are the other amazing characters we saw at the event:

 With the eponymous characters of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

I was going for "scared-by-the-murderous-Resident-Evil-baddie" look but I ended up looking like a fawning fan girl. :/

Here's a goodbye dance pose from Bryan, one of the cosplay organizers and a Dance Dance Revolution character:

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